New TVS Electric Scooter: TVS X

TVS Motor Company has introduced a fancy electric scooter called TVS X, which comes with cool features. 

Cool Motor Technology

TVS X has a special kind of motor that makes it go really fast, up to 105 kmph! 

Speedy Start

TVS X can go from 0 to 40 kmph in just 2.6 seconds. That's super quick! 

No Discounts for TVS X

If you're thinking of discounts, TVS X doesn't have the usual ones called FAME incentives.

The TVS X is built on a tough platform called TVS XLETON. 

Strong Scooter Base

Hi-Tech Features

The TVS X is full of smart stuff like easy navigation, finding charging stations, and sharing where you are in real-time. 

Keeping the Motor Cool

The TVS X stays cool thanks to its clever air-cooling system for the motor.

Different Ways to Ride

You can ride the TVS X in three modes: Stealth, Xtride, and Xonic  each gives a different experience. 

Fast Battery Charging

The TVS X has a battery that charges really quickly – you can get it halfway charged in just an hour with a special charger.

Smart Connections

The TVS X is a smart scooter, almost like a phone on wheels! It can connect to phones, watches, and helmets for cool features.